Sunday, August 8, 2010

Task 4: Design Excellence - Laundry POD

The Laundry POD, I see to be a product of great use to those who live in apartments, dorms, go camping and RV’s. It is a great innovative product for people living by themselves with a small capacity of cleaning that sensually replaces a big washing machine and house bills. It has an economical advantage. This award winning product was worth the prize as it has reduced many problems being a compactable device.

Analysing the product through line, shape, colour, texture, pattern, balance, rhythm, harmony, scale and proportion enables a greater understanding to the reason why a product looks the way it does and how visual communication affects a consumer’s reactions and understanding of its use.


  1. Very simple but effective poster. You've highlighted the areas you're trying to explain, and I think it's very helpful. And even though your sentences weren't put into boxes, it still looks very clean and neat. Good job.
    Great decision to use white as your background, it fits nicely with your product. I think making it colourful will reduce the "greenness" of your product. And I love the product. I wanna buy it.

  2. Your poster looks good as it is simple , clean and neat. The place of large images at the bottom right corner of the sheet helps your poster is even more effective and eye catching. I juz cant read your analysis but i reckon it is good and fully in detail.
    However, i think the poster is abit crowded. so many writing also large image. I reckon you to have one main large image and detailed analysis is around ... it seems to be less crowded in the paper.

  3. Great design layout of your poster. You're perspective is interesting, sophisticated and highlights the features of the product. Clean lines and fresh colours are all it needs and I congratulate you on not going over board. My only criticism is perhaps the text could be cut down to succinct bullet points. Overall, a very successful poster!

  4. Great poster! I think that the photos you picked work really well, and the layout you have gone with is very elegant. I think that the only improvment you could have made is a little less information, it just looks a bit busy. I think that this does however show that you put a lot of work into this.